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Glass Art Links (in no particular order)

Here you'll find Glass artists, studios, schools, and suppliers.
We've even got Musical Glass! Check 'em out.

Cappy Thompsonis an incredible glass artist who specializes in painting on glass. Using materials and techniques traditionally used in the production of fine stained glass windows, Cappy incorporates images from legend and mythology to create unique works of art. I especially love her large painted blown glass vessels!

Walter Lieberman has been part of the Pacific Northwest Studio Glass Scene almost from the beginning. A talented and creative glass blower, sculptor, and painter, Walt's enamelled and fired glass works are superb.

James Mongrain blows wonderful goblets in the Venetian style, often updated with modern colors and imagery. He also does a variety of custom work, including executing glassworks designed by other artists.

Terry Ow-Wing brings an architect's training, a photographer's eye, and a glassblower's skills to her Kilnformed and Lampworked Glass Art. I especially like her Japanese Tapestry Sushi Plates.

Marilyn Peraza is an accomplished glass artist and jeweler now working in North Carolina. I love her Sculpted Rose beads! She also offers a DVD that will teach you, step-by-step how to make them yourself.

a guide to Glass Blowing by Kelly Riddle A great on-line resource for anyone interested in finding more information on blowing glass. Includes: the History of glass, glass Production, building and maintaining a Hot Glass Studio, The presence of Women in glass art, High Schools blow glass into curriculum, video and instruction on blowing Glass Ornaments, Links to glass sites, illustrated glass Dictionary, Suppliers of machinery, materials, equiptment and plants, and more!

And here's a guide to Scientific Glassblowing from the East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. Lots of tips, pix, and links. Highly recommended!

crystallo.com A stained glass studio located in the city of Cipolletti on the Rio Negro (Black River) in the region known as Patagonia (Southern Argentina). Run by its creators, Graciela Rapetti & Hugo J. Gavarini, these artists and artisans specialize in architectural applications, often incorporating "warm glass" techniques in their work.

Eleven Seventy-Eight Designs started in 1978 when Jean Luc Comperat and Minouche Waring merged their experiences into designing glass and stained glass decorative useful objects. Their site features a variety of colorful works in fused, slumped, and painted glass.

Midnightsun Designs Kristina Gaidry and her partner Björn Ingbrandt have an Internet shop selling Scandinavian handblown crystal and art glass from quite a number of different designers and producers.

Resnik Thermal Lab Sally Resnik Rockriver makes what she calls "geochemical formations" by orchestrating chemical reactions in molten glass and ceramics, largely through heating or cooling. She traps ceramic salt or ceramic glaze in blown glass vessels where the salts explode and the glazes form brightly colored cores. Using sudden cooling, she fringes the edges of ceramic sculptures with drips of calcite glazes that later oxidize into white hairlike crystals resembling frost. She also covers sheets of clay with glassy, crystalline glazes that crack and fissure into random compositions as they cool. Cutting edge glass art?

Permanent Reflectionsfeatures etched and sand-carved glass, mirror, and stone by Randy Mardrus.

Corning Glass Museum The repository of the World's largest collection of Glass as well as the most extensive library of glass literature. Awesome!!

Tacoma Museum of Glass Located in Dale Chihuly's hometown - Tacoma, Washington. Rotating exhibits and one of the most incredible hot shops you'll ever see! Stop by for a box lunch while you watch visiting artists blow glass.

Ancient Roman Glassmakers in the 21st Century - Mark Taylor and David Hill are glassmakers who specialise in reproducing a wide range of extremely high quality reproductions of Roman glass vessels. Research and experimentation feature strongly in their efforts to understand techniques of glass production during the Roman period.

Their current major project is the recreation of two Roman furnaces and a period of operating them to gain insight into the working circumstances of glassmaking in Roman times. Hopefully these wood fired furnaces will produce glass during the early part of May. Details are on this website.

Chihuly Studio Every glass related website seems to have a link to Dale Chihuly's Studio page. Why not? Dale's done more to promote the modern Studio Glass Movement than just about anyone else around. Thanks, Dale. See our collection of books and videos by and about Dale Chihuly's fabulous glass work in the Chihuly "wing" of our Glass Library.

Gossamer Glass An intensely visual website from Brian Kerkvliet, a very creative Lampworker/Glassblower in Bellingham, WA. A great artist and a dedicated family man. Brian and his wife, Alexandra, offer a variety of classes and workshops in a number of different glassworking techniques at their Inspiration Farm studios.

Marc Boutté Glass I've known Marc for about 15 years now, and I have to say he's one of the nicest, most talented glass artists I've ever met. Marc has mastered classic forms and decoration techniques, and pushed them into uncharted territory to create a style that's uniquely his own.

Andiamo Glass Studio This is one of the first Glass Art pages we found on the Internet. Interesting glass, including lots of "graal" work, and some helpful tips (and links) on Webpage construction. Thanks folks for inspiring us to put together our own website.

Cast Glass Forms - From fine art jewelry to large sculpture, almost anything you can cast in another material can also be cast in glass, and these are the folks who can do it!

With over 10 years experience casting glass and 25 years of making molds and models for the casting industry, they have the background and knowledge to successfully cast your work in glass. They can work from models or rubber molds that you already have, create new molds from your three dimensional sculpture, or make simpler molds for open-faced castings. The examples on their webpage are mighty impressive. Go check 'em out right now!

Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass See Josh's "Planets, Portals, Saturns, Tektites, Copper Baskets", and other wonderful glass creations. You can even download "Josh Simpson's Coloring Book Guide to Planet Exploration".

Chris Heilman Hot Glass Studio & Art Glass Gallery A very talented glass artist in Portland, Maine. Chris uses traditional lampworking and murrini techniques to create 3-dimensional "aquariums" and floral art glass designs. Nice slide show here.

Peter Greenwood A Connecticut glass artist, highly skilled in Venetian techniques. Check out his website for dramatically lit examples of his wonderful work.

Foster-White Gallery is the Seattle area gallery representing Dale Chihuly, William Morris, Rich Royal and many other notable glass artists. Find out who is represented and what's showing now at their different locations in Seattle and Kirkland, WA.

Traver Gallery is the Seattle gallery representing Dante Marioni, Fritz Dreisbach, Lino Tagliapietra, and lots of other "Pilchuck" glass artists. See what's new and who's coming next.

Elliott Brown Gallery in Seattle, WA specializes in Glass Art. They represent Dick Marquis, Flo Perkins, Toots Zynsky, and a number of other Internationally reknowned Glass artists.

Holsten Galleries - Contemporary Glass Sculpture This Stockbridge, Massachusetts gallery handles the work of many contemporary glass artists including Dale Chihuly, Tom Patti, Michael Pavlik, Stephen Powell, Dante Marioni, Christopher Ries, William Morris, and Lino Tagliapietra. Lots of others as well.

The Pilchuck Glass School is the American center of the modern Art Glass Movement. From May to September they offer classes taught by the world's foremost glass artists. It's a wonderful facility with state of the art studios for glassblowing, lampwork, kilnwork, casting, coldworking, vitreography and more; all set in the middle of a tree farm in beautiful western Washington state. And the food's good, too!

The Penland School of Crafts is North Carolina's version of the Pilchuck School. They offer one and two week classes during the Summer and eight week classes in the Spring and Fall. They also offer classes in crafts other than glass. Same world-class instructors, different scenery.

Pratt Fine Arts Center is "Seattle’s Studio for the Visual Arts". Located in Seattle’s Central District, Pratt Fine Arts Center offers year-round educational and artistic programs including classes, workshops and studio equipment access in glass, sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, jewelry/metalsmithing and more.

Public Glass A non-profit in San Francisco offering classes in glassblowing, slumping and fusing, casting, flamework and neon....as well as space to rent hot shop time.

And in Oregon the Eugene Glass School offers more learning opportunities for glass artists and "glassie" wannabees.

The Pittsburgh Glass Center Beginner to advanced glass blowing, flameworking, beadmaking, stained glass and more! Also offers studio rentals and private lessons.

The Glass Furnace Looking for a more exotic locale to learn some new glassworking skills? How about Istanbul, Turkey?

Or maybe you'd prefer Scotland. North Lands Creative Glass is Situated in Lybster, a small fishing village on the far north-east coast of Scotland. This year's programme is entitled 'The Design Element' and includes Masterclass leaders such as Klaus Moje.

The Glass Art Society (GAS) is an international organization of glass artists, educators, manufacturers, and collectors. Their annual conferences are wonderful opportunities to travel to far off (or maybe not so far) cities and get together with other glass art aficionados. The 2009 conference was held in Corning, New York. The 2010 conference (39th annual) will be in Louisviille, Kentucky, June 10-12, 2010.

The Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass (AACG) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to further the development and appreciation of art made from glass. The Alliance informs collectors, critics and curators by encouraging and supporting museum exhibitions, university glass departments and specialized teaching programs, regional collector groups, visits to private collections, and public seminars.

The American Glass Guild (AGG) is "an organization dedicated to the open and widespread dissemination of correct information and intelligent, informed opinions about stained, leaded and decorative glass". They hold an annual conference featuring presentations, round table discussions and demonstrations by notable national and international experts. Check the website for the latest conference information.

Glass Line The newsletter for HOT GLASS Artists. An online publication (as well as by mail) for glass artists.

Henry Halem has written Glass Notes, A reference for the glass artist. This wonderful book for glass blowers includes a wealth of information on buying, building, and maintaining all the equipment, supplies, etc. necessary for a hot glass studio. A must-have book for every hot shop.

Dudley Giberson has written a book called A Glassblowers Companion (available from Joppa Glassworks, Inc). Check out the website for current pricing information or find it in our Glass Library. They also offer burners, kiln controllers, plans and parts for other useful glassworking equipment. A great resource!

Lightwriters offer a good selection of books and videos on neon, lampwork, and glass blowing. They also have torches, protective eyewear, etc.

Edmund Scientifics carries all sorts of cool stuff for science and experimenting. Check out their clearance section for the best deals.

Angela Bowey's Glass Museum On Line includes a selection of illustrated articles on various types of antique and collectible glass, as well as a quite extensive collection of links to other glass sites around the world. Definitely worth a look.

Stained Glass Network on Architectural Stained Glass This is an online discussion group dedicated to (you guessed it) architectural stained glass. Recent discussion topics have included the history, documentation, creation and restoration of stained glass, as well as other related issues (like the patron saints listed below). Important stuff! This group includes active members from England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, India, France, Japan, Australia, Canada and the United States with the combined experience of centuries (literally) of working with architectural stained glass. What a resource!

This web page lists five patron saints of stained glass workers: James Grissinger, Lawrence, Lucy of Syracuse, Luke the Apostle and Mark the Evangelist. You can click on each name and see more information about the saint.

And here's our page featuring Stained Glass Windows in Churches around the world. Most of these sites were recommended by the members of the Stained Glass Network listed above.

The Glass Armonica A fascinating site all about Benjamin Franklin's wonderful invention, a musical instrument made of blown glass.

Cecilia Brauer, Glass Armonicist Another devotee to this rare musical instrument. Check out her site for upcoming concert appearances and historical information.

Olympic Color Rods Excellent source for hot glass batch, colors, tools, equipment, and supplies.

Wale Apparatus Co, Inc. An excellent supplier of tools and materials for scientific and artistic glassworking. They stock a complete line of torches, safety gear, etc.

Whittemore-Durgin Glass Company boasts of "An incomparable line of stained glass material, supplies, tools, machinery. accessories, patterns, instruction books, and videos for the hobbyist or professional".

BeadRoom.com offers a selection of glass beads, including vintage and hand-made beads.

There are literally dozens of magazines about glass, art and collecting... way too many to list here. So we've added this link for magazine subscriptions of all kinds. Make your own discoveries there.

Try searching with GOOGLE™ to find more glass links!


We'll add more glass links as we find them. If you have any recommendations to share, let us know.
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