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Out-of-print and Hard-to-find books and information for Glass Artists and Collectors

G. Argy-Rousseau Pate de Verre

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On our shelves you'll find books on all aspects of glass. Vessels and beads, art and technical reference. Glass history, glass artists and companies, glassworking techniques, glass collecting, ancient glass, modern glass, blown, painted, cast, etched, cut, stained and leaded glass.

We've also added an extensive listing of stained glass design references, recommended by the members of the Stained Glass Network on Architectural Stained Glass, an online discussion group hosted by Michigan State University and facilitated by Betty MacDowell. If you'd like to join the group, you'll find them listed on our Glasslinks page.

All of the books listed and reviewed here have been linked to the vast inventory of Amazon.com to enable you to buy your own copies through them. Many of these books are out-of-print and hard-to-find. If a book is no longer in print, you may still find a copy listed for sale by one of Amazon's network of independent booksellers.

If the book you want is not currently offered, don't despair. New books are posted all the time. Keep checking back, and eventually you will find the books you desire.

We certainly don't claim to have everything ever written about glass; not even close. But we do have quite a few glass titles. We've even got glass books for kids and some glass-related fiction! So settle into a comfortable chair, pull a few volumes off the shelf, and start exploring.

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Some titles may not be listed where you expect to find them. You'll also find some overlapping of categories, especially among the "Artists", "History", and "Antique" sections.

One more important note: Our bookshelves are NOT arranged in alphabetical order (Sorry... we're artists, not librarians).

Explore. Discover. Enjoy!

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